Measurements don't include the spike. 

      The spike is 21 mm wide and 200 mm high, unless otherwise stated.

       All stakes are available in aluminium on request.

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  • Cattle dog garden stake

    Size: 243 mm wide x 275 mm high (above ground)

    Price:  $15.00 (Mild steel)

  • Aussie Swagman with Kelpie, Sheep garden stakes

    Aussie swagman

    Size: 171 mm wide x 253 mm high (above ground)

    Price:  $15.00 (Mild Steel) $20.00 (Aluminium)

    Mild steel shown.

    Kelpie, Ram and Ewe

    Kelpie: 169 mm wide x 138mm high (above ground)

    Ram:  178 mm wide x 146 mm high (above ground)

    Ewe:  162 mm wide x 123 mm high (above ground)

    Price:  $8.00 (Mild Steel) $13.00 (Aluminium)

    Mild steel shown.


    Lamb: 54 mm wide x 91 mm high (above ground)

    Price:  $6.00 (Mild Steel) $11.00 (Aluminium)

    Mild steel shown.

  • Cattle Bull, Cow and calf garden stakes

    Bull Size:   151 mm wide x 275 mm high (above ground)

    Price:  $12.00 (Mild steel)

    Cow Size:  

    Price:  $12.00 (Mild steel)

    Calf Size:  

    Price:  $8.00 (Mild steel)

  • Windmill Garden Stakes

    Sizes: Large  430 mm wide x 924 mm high  (above ground)

                Small  286 mm wide x 598 mm high (above ground)

    Prices: Large  $67.00 (mild steel)

                  Small $51.00 (mild steel)


  • 3 Aussie Drovers garden stakes


    Size :

    Side on Drover : 343 mm wide x 352 mm high (above ground)

    Female Drover : 308 mm wide x 370 mm high (above ground)

    Front on Drover :244 mm wide x 380 mm high ( above ground

    Price:  $22.00 each (Mild Steel) $27.00 each (Aluminium)

    Mild steel shown.

  • Aussie Mary, Jospeh and baby Jesus

    Size : 235 mm wide x 375 mm high

    Price:  $25 (Mild Steel) $30.00 (Aluminium)

    Mild steel shown

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