Measurements don't include the spike. 

      The spike is 21 mm wide and 200 mm high, unless otherwise stated.

       All stakes are available in aluminium on request.

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  • Kangaroo and Emu garden stake

    Size:  Emu:  234 mm wide x 342 mm high (above ground)

    Size: Standing Kangaroo:  263 mm wide x 336 mm high (above ground)

    Size:  Crouching Kangaroo (click to see additional photo):  348 mm wide x 219 mm high (above ground)

    Price:  $15.00 (Mild steel)

  • Frill-neck Lizard and Echidna Stakes

    Size:  Frill-neck Lizard:  265 mm wide x 263 mm high (above ground)

              Echidna:  284 mm wide x 157 mm high (above ground)

    Prices:  $15.00 Frill Neck Lizard (Mild steel)

                 $12.00 Echidna (Mild steel)


  • Wren Garden Stake

    Size:  106 mm wide x 125 mm high (above ground)

    Price:  $8.00 (Mild steel)

  • Magpie Garden Stake

    Size:  251 mm wide x 230 mm high
     (above ground)

    Price:  $12.00 (Mild steel)

  • Lyrebird Garden Stake

    Size:  352 mm wide x 245 mm high
              (Above ground)

    Price:  $17.00 (Mild steel)


  • Eagle Garden Stake

    Size:  372 mm wide x 242 mm high (above ground)

    Price:  $15.00 (Mild steel)

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